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Try something new!
LASERTRON SANKT PÖLTEN offers the biggest Lasertorn Cybersport-Arena. It's even among the biggest Lasertron Arenas all over the world.

Up to 40 players put on their LASERTRON-vests equiped with sensors, little speakers and a phaser. The players will be split into two teams (red and blue) which compete against each other for the most points.

This is accomplished by tagging (that's why it's also called Lasertag) the enemy (don't worry, it hurts less than dodgeball - it doesn't hurt at all) or scoring extra points by tagging the opponent's base. If you get tagged the vest shortly vibrates and beeps. If you are eliminated (or are out of ammo) you gotta get back to your base asap (no running, crawling on your stomach or flik-flaking) to reload - and you can get going again!


  • 4 rounds, approx. 30 minutes pure flow of adrenalin & endorphins
  • different game modes provide a new experience every time
  • constant movement causes sweat, so maybe bring a 2nd T-shirt
  • in case of doubt bring sneakers over stilettos, it's a fun-SPORT after all ;-)
  • clothing: desirable. you can intensify the fun if you put on the right accessories

Game modes

LASERTRON offers a variety of game modes. The normal mode is Rapid-Fire game. Other modes will be announced seperately. The referee will inform you about special features in the briefing.


You play in 4 sequenzes within 30 minutes. As it is a teamsport nobody will be dropped out during a game, this means you will always play the full time till the end of the game. If a player has several games (sessions) on the same day the price gets discounted. (The ticket cannot be transferred on another person or date.)

  • 1 game per person: EUR 15,-
  • 2 games per person: EUR 25,-
    (that's EUR 12,50 per game)
  • 3 games per person: EUR 30,-
    (that's EUR 10,- per game)
  • Get your Lasertron Voucher

Note: from the age of 7 up and at least 1,10m height!


On this website and on our Facebook-Site we inform you on current special offers!

You want to play Lasertag alone with your group of friends in our Cybersport-Arena? For 390 Euros you can book the arena for a game with only your friends. The game also lasts 30 minutes like our regular games. Up to 40 players can participate in the Lock-In. Our regular games start on the hour that's why Lock-Ins can only be booked every half hour. Lock-Ins cannot be booked via our online-reservation-calender so please contact us via e-mail. As soon as we get a written confirmation of this reservation it is legally binding! Of course casual customers can also book a Lock-In for the next free game session. However, especially for bigger groups we highly recommend booking in advance. Please also be aware that every player has to check-in 30 minutes before the game starts, so be there in time! Our house rules also apply to the Lock-In games, so there will also be a referee for you.

If you visit LASERTRON on your birthday we invite you to a free single session worth 15 Euros! It's important that you tell us beforehand and show us an official photo identification for the free birthday game. We can't give you the discount retroactively.