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Take the bowl, meet your friends and hit the bull's eye. Bowlers are the real sweepers - occasionally for fun or even on a regular basis as fun sport. And one thing they all have in common: If nobody is standing in the front, they are all standing behind you.

  • 12 top modern & glossy shining Brunswick bowling alleys, which guarantee success.
  • The needed equipment can be rent.
  • The final bill is allocated after time .
  • VIP area with cozy couch – perfect for any kind of celebration.

Our top modern bowling alleys are accounted for each alley depending on the time played. This means you check in and you pay according to the time spent playing at the alley. If more people are playing the costs can be divided by all players. (As each bill is setteled entirely, you are responsible for spreading the whole costs amongst the players)

  • EUR 25,- each hour Bowling-Fun
    regular alley
  • EUR 28,- each hour Bowling-Fun
    VIP alley
  • EUR 2,- each pair of bowling shoes

  • EUR 20,- each hour Bowling-Fun
    for all players who receive reductions *
  • EUR 22,- each hour Bowling-Fun
    mixed charge (at least one player who receives price reduction *)
  • Get your Lasertron Voucher
*Legitimated for price reductions are pupils, students, trainees, people doing community and military service, people with disability ID. Please do not forget your ID ;-) and before you check in show it at the counter, so we can account the alley at the discounted price!